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    targeting an FLVplayback component within a nested movie element


      I'm trying to get my own buttons to load FLV movies into the FLVplayback component. I've got it to work in a simple test but need help making it work on a more complex level. The test is here http://lawrencejonespromoprince.com/testvideo.html


      I've named the FLVplayback instance 'my_video'


      The simple buttons have this script in the actions:


      on (release) {





      This all works great as long as the buttons and the FLVplayback component are on the same frame on the same page. But for the actual use, i need it to work where the buttons are on a nested page within another movie element. So the nest looks like this:


      Scene1   Nestmovie1   Nestmovie2   Nestmovie3


      ...where the FLVplayback component is in Nestmovie2 and the buttons are in Nestmovie3.


      The nesting was needed so the buttons are on a separate slider panel so i can scroll through the list of movies.

      See the actual flash site in progress here http://lawrencejonespromoprince.com/index2.html

      and the movie list (not done) will be on the 30 Promos page.


      So now the question is, how can i target the FLVplayback instance within a nested movie.