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    Save _Var in file

      Can I save variables from SWF in any file on my Local PC without use server?
      I need save variables in archives, then make in SWF archives Line Chart.
      I use Flash Player 6, FlashMXPro Version7.0
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          Look into the 'Shared Object' files. These are permanent data files used solely by Flash.

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            AkinshevVV Level 1
            Thank you Mr.Mooster.
            I use 'Shared Object' files, but when variables number >=1000 in one file or
            'Shared Object' files >=1000 Flash Player beginning slowly and show message
            "A script in this move is causing Macromedia Flash Player 6 to run slowly.If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?"
            When I use FSCommand and exe files, but this variant work from Flash Proector and Macromedia Flash 5.
            I want save variables in Local PC (Flash player6 - PHP(VB or C++)Script - Archive Files ).