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    outside image referencing




      chances are this is something very simple and im sure much easier than im making it.


      basically i was trying to make a program execute on the web, but it needs to load in pictures and since i didnt want to make the file size massive i converted where the images would show into a movie clip and used the loadMovie(pathname) procedure (im using AS2) to link the files, it works obviously when i test run it. in the pathname section i have "images/pic1.jpg" and so on for the different pictures as a tutorial i followed lead me to believe that it would find the pathname the program is running from and add the suffix images/pic.... etc to find the picture.


      the problem is when i run it on the web its still trying to find the files on my computer, even though there is no part of the code that tells it to look in my documents/folders etc. even when i tried to link the file exactly, so put in loadMovie("www.webaddress.com/images"  etc) it would look there, but when i tried running it, it said cannot find file, My document/flash/banner/www.webaddress...... etc.


      My question is why is it still trying to find my local document folders instead of looking at its own run source on the internet. is there a way of absolutely linking it to the images i have now on the internet instead?


      Many Thanks



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          show a sample snippet of your loadMovie() code.

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            WarDemonZ Level 1

            Viewer_mc.loadMovie("images/Millie Titanic Fall.jpg");


            this is the one that worked on my home computer, as it tries to find it on my home documents, so i tried changing it to the absolute address which is


            Viewer_mc.loadMovie("www.pixiescheer.co.uk/assets/flash/Banner/images/Millie Titanic Fall.jpg");


            but when i tried this it come up with the error response


            Error opening URL 'file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Andrew/My%20Documents/Websites/Pixies/assets/flash /Banner/www.pixiescheer.co.uk/assets/flash/Banner/images/Millie Titanic Fall.jpg'


            as obviously the part before is where i built the program, is there any reason its putting the documents and settings part in?



            *nb iv just realised that since now its on the internet ill have to change the names of the files so they dont contain spaces, but that isnt the problem its having overall

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              I think you need the http:// before the url otherwise it assumes it is a relative path.

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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                if you name your files appropriately, you can use a relative path for local testing and online:




                BUT, locally you can use the above reference for the file image/Millie_Titanic_Fall.JPG without problem and it will fail online.

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