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    Does anyone use RH7 for online help on their websites?


      I'm finding that this product isn't usable for online help within a website. Using the RH_ShowHelp() JavaScript calling convestions triggers popup blockers on most of the major platforms (Windows/IE, FF, Mac/FF). I don't understand why this is happenning since the help and the page that links to the help are in the same domain. Requiring customers to manually reconfigure their popup blockers is not a viable solution.

      On the one where it works (Mac/Safari) I'm left with a very tiny window in the lower right corner. Expanding it shows the help, but the page in the content pane is the file-not-found page (clicking items in the navigation brings up the correct page). I'm also seeing on the Mac (FF & Safari) that the Index & Search areas aren't searchable like they are in Windows (no input box to search with).

      When we asked Adobe about this the answer was more or less - "that's how it works" and they gave us a link to the following page detailing the limitations by browser (notice that it hasn't been updated since 2004 and the newest IE is IE4).

      I was hoping there would be a new RoboHelp_CSH.js file (it's dated 2004) Ideally one that didn't rely on browser sniffing but instead checked for JavaScript capabilitites.

      We missed testing this part when evaluating the product and now it feels like a dead end.

      Needless to say we've started moving on to other help systems, but maybe someone can help save RH for us before we write it off completely.