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    Can I Use a SWF or Illustrator file for Managing Assets in Catalyst?




      What I would like to do and don't know if it's possilbe:


      Use my PSD file, that is a mock-up of a component, and add interaction, skinning, graphics, within Catalyst.

      Use my .AI file, or my SWF file, that is the entire 'corporate' theme (buttons, checkboxes, backgrounds, etc.) and use those within Catalyst.  Ideally, accessing these from the Image Library.


      My problems:

      1. if I import the SWF file, I see only the name and it's size in the library.  I don't see anything else.


      2. if I import the AI file, the options panel appears for import, I accept defaults, Catalyst appears to 'refresh' with stuff, but my image library has no reference to anything and my layers panel has only the layers from my PSD file.


      3. I saved the AI file as an FXP from within Illustrator and tried to import that into my Catalyst project.  The first time, it shut down catalyst.  The second time, it added all of the elements within the AI file as layers.  I do not want this, as it's not a component (the FXP file) or a design, but simply a file filled with graphics and symbols to use.


      Other factors:

      The SWF file is 366KB; the AI file is 434 KB; the FXG file is 660KB; the PSD is 488 KB.


      I am new to using Catalyst and AI.  There is a great possiblity that 1) this is not how Catalyst is supposed to work with AI; 2) I have no idea what I am doing.


      I would appreciate any pointers in accomplishing what my initial goal was, which is to use the corporate theme assets with my PSD design.




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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi Cindy,


          When you import an AI or SWF file into Flash Catalyst, it will import the artwork that you see on the design canvas / artboard in Illustrator or Flash.  I believe unused symbols setting in your symbol library won't get imported.


          But with a few steps you can transform an AI/SWF asset library into a Catalyst component library, which in turn you can import into the Library panel or any Catalyst project...


          1. In AI or Flash, make a copy on the design canvas of each symbol you want to use in your Catalyst library
          2. Save the file and import into Catalyst
          3. You should now see all those assets on your Catalyst artboard
          4. Select an asset, and use the floating gray "heads up display" (HUD) to convert it to the appropriate component type (button, slider, etc.)
          5. Once the asset is converted, you can double-click it in the Library panel to give it a more descriptive name
          6. Repeat this with all the assets you want to use
          7. Right-click in the Library panel and choose Export Library Package


          Now you have an FXPL file, which is a reusable Catalyst component library.  To use it:


          1. Open the Catalyst project that contains your real UI mockup
          2. Right-click in Library again and choose Import Library Package, and import the FXPL file


          Now all the components from your FXPL will be listed in the project's Library.  You can drag copies of them out onto the artboard to use them in your project.


          Hope that helps!


          - Peter

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            Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

            Oops, actually -- I misspoke a bit.  My description above works for AI, but it is a little more complicated for Flash.  You'll need to save out a separate SWF file for each Flash symbol that you want to use as an asset in Catalyst.  When building your Catalyst library, you can import each SWF in turn, convert it to a component, and then import the next SWF.


            - Peter