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    Printing from Pagemaker to H.P. Printers


      I have had 4 HP Printers. 


      The first was a Laserprinter which worked very well.  But it was monotone and I needed colour.


      So I added a 'All-in-One' printer but this resulted in the Laserprinter not responding any more.  In addition the new printer would not print from PM when it felt like it.  It sometimes worked if the PM document was the first of the day but once Work etc were used no PM could be printed.


      The new printer then became old and had to be replaced.  I bought a Photosmart C4480.  Again Pagemaker was a case of hope & pray.  In addition the selected page set up was ignored, no margins, unless I reduced the image to 90% or smaller.


      I contacted HP.  They had no answers, the only real suggestion they made concerned Windows, Mac was totally ignored.  After a long drawn out series of e-mails they decided to replace the printer with an identical model.  That has arrived and has refused completely to print from PM, so I can't check if the format problem still exists.


      So, is there something in PM which stops printers suppled by Apple Agents printing from PM?


      I visited my local Apple shop.  They tried to sell me a new Apple application!!