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    Video quality downgrade after uploading to Youtube


      Hey everyone, I've just started making movies and been playing around with video options for a few days and gotten past a few major milestones, however I just want to see how I can increase the video quality as the exported file doesn't look nearly as good once it's uploaded to youtube.


      Quick notes about how I do it atm: First, I use FRAPS to capture video with Adobe Premiere 4.0 exporting my files as full 1900x1200 @ 29.97 FPS using the Windows Media Video 9 codec.
      Encoding process: Two
      Bitrate mode: Variable Unconstrained
      Pixel Aspect ratio: Square
      Decoder Complexity: Auto
      Keyframe Interval [seconds]: 5
      Average Bitrate[kbps]: 10,000


      Exported video looks fine, however when I upload to youtube the quality really downgrades...viewable and correct resolution but still crummy for such a great looking vid. Hoping someone can help me out here! Thanks in advance.


      Source video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avzzkywqRcE