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    windows 7 and Pe7


      Hi there I'm doing a complete install from vista 64 sp2 to windows 7. I have an external hard drive with all my video in folders. But pre 7 in on the c drive. is there a way after I do a fresh install with windows 7 and reinstall pe7 to still have pe7 know were all the files are and still keep the same preferences.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          When you do a fresh install of the operating system, you're going to wipe out your preferences, so there's no way the program will automatically find your files.


          However, it's not that hard to re-link it to them. You just browse to open the project file and, when the program asks you where the media files are, you just browse to one of them. If the rest are in the same place, the program will automatically re-link to the rest too.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            >complete install from vista 64 sp2 to windows 7


            Are you WIPING your hard drive, or are you installing Win7 OVER your existing Vista as an upgrade?

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              jerrymac50 Level 1

              From what I've read it is better to get rid of vista because you'll encounter problems later. So says the windows 7 forum to install. I have vista 64 bit sp2. I'll be getting my copy in the mail  next week.  just want to make sure it runs as good as it can. Any suggestions?