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    'Cannot create class of type 'Object' Error




         I am making a java call from my flex app using remote objects.The call works fine when i call it on application load.On change of value of a dropdown box i need to make the same remote call once more ,But this time around the call throws the following error,even though i pass exactly the same arguments.What could be the possible cause for this error.


      fault mx.rpc.Fault (@b745fb1)
        errorID 0
        message "faultCode:Client.Message.Encoding faultString:'Cannot create class of type 'Object'.' faultDetail:'Type

      'Object' not found.'"
        name "Error"
      content null
      faultCode "Client.Message.Encoding"
      faultDetail "Type 'Object' not found."
      faultString "Cannot create class of type 'Object'."
      rootCause null