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    Updated Adobe AIR now Premiere Pro v7 crashes.


      Just finished building a DVD with encore and went to play it Adobe Media Player which prompted for an update to AIR which I did.  Then Media Player wanted to be updated so I did that.  Couldn't get Adobe media player to play the DVD (I suspect it is not intended for that) so used something else.  I started Premiere to work on something else and when I loaded the project it complained that ad2h264dec.dll was missing.  I had to kill the premiere process to get rid of the message.  Now when I start some projects Premiere says loading then crashes to a black screen.  Not even a BSOD!


      I should probably mention that some of the content on the projects that crash is HD which I scaled to fit.  These were OK before this afternoon.  I cannot find the dll anywhere on my system.  I also have a trail version of Premiere CS4 installed with a view to using this for the HD content but have not been able to evaluate this due to MPEG 4 codecs not being included in the trail version.