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    Windows Projector (.exe) File

    Dave.Hollings Level 1

      I am hoping this issue I have can be resolved with AS. I have created a CD autoplay slash screen in flash, where the user can select to install an application, browse the CD drive and read the readme file. My issue is that when the user select the install button, the system asks if the user's wants to run the setup file but this is opened behind the full screen autoplay exe, which means the user either gives up because they cannot see the prompt, keeps clicking and nothing seems to happen or realises and has to ESC from full screen or close the autoplay down.

      Is there a way in which focus can be taken away from the exe and given to an external prompt or window, or minimise the exe from full screen to the user's task bar. I have tried using fscommand("minimize", true); however this does not seem to work, and I am not sure if it's the correct syntax.

      I appreciate any help offered.

      Kind regards.