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    Problems with tellTarget command and flash

    spycatcher69 Level 1

      Dear all thank you for your time
      Found the code for controlling the flash movie clip but cant seem to make it work.
      I have a flash movie with a movie clip on the main time line called mbcont_mc
      I have tried to use the tellTarget method both on a mouse up and a frame script but the the flash movie does not respond.
      script bellow

      on exitFrame me
      go the frame
      sprite(3) .endtellTarget()

      I get this error
      script error handler not found in target.
      sprite (3)mbcont_mc

      I also found a reference in using director MX book that the under score needs to be replaced with # tried that as well still the same
      Any help appreciated.
      I am using director 11 and flash 8

      I have had a look at the support files here but the link "http://director.breezecentral.com/p82592013/ " for using flash and director does not seem to work .

      Thank you all for your time and appreciation
      Regards Pete