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    Win 7 CS4 CFA files saved to C: drive


      I resently updated to Win7 on my computer, and installed my CS4 Master collection (I D/L´ed more than a Gig of updates so i know that it is up do date). Now when I start using Premiere I noticed that the CFA and PEK files where not saved to my project folder as I have specified in ScratchDisk settings (Same as project).

      I found that Premiere insist on saving to AppData-Roaming-Adobe-Common-Media Cache Files. I tried to change the path for Audio previews manually, and than deleted all the CFA/PEK files and re-launched Premiere. As soon as I opened the same project it started creating the files over again in the same folder on my C: drive. It even created all the files form any previouse projects

      My boot drive is a 128MB SSD disk, so I can really not live with this...


      Please Help!