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    File downloading problem


      Hi all,


      My task is to develop a update system for an online game with Action Script 3. Now I'm coding on that download a file (a .jpg file first) to default path and display it. We don't want to allow the users to choose the downloading path by themselves. The project is developing as an air project. My idea for the default path downloading is that use URLLoader to load the .jpg file on the server side, when loading is completed, use File and FielStream class to write the .jpg file content to a local file. The following are my questions:


      1. Is this way available or not?

      2. I have written a rough program. The Event.COMPLETE event of URLLoader can be actived. Does that mean the loading process was completed?

      3. I loaded the online .jpg file as BINARY data, but the FileStream class cannot output the data to a local .jpg file correct, there isn't an exception during the whole process. How can I output it correctly?


      Thank you!