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    maximize/resize website

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      I am building a website in Adobe Flash Catalyst. I have followed the tutorial to create a photoshop file and import it and all it's layers to Catalyst (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashcatalyst/articles/get_started_with_flash_cataly st.html).

      Now I would like to know if someone can help me making my website resize as the user resizes the browser's window. Is it done in Catalyst or in Flash Builder?

      Is there a possibility to do this?

      Thanks for the help.


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          I don't use catalyst but i assume it works in mainly set dimensions. As far as resizing the application do you want it to scale or resize areas to offer more display on the screen(such as more rows in a list or grid, longer text boxes). You can use container properties to do all sorts of alignment and resizing in flashbuilder so if you explain what sort of resizing you want then I could give you a few examples on how to acheive that.




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            alexandre.roitman Level 1

            My website is a menu bar and 2 containers that receive content.

            My actual website is http://www.dreamfarmer.com/

            Me and the designer that works with me want the website not to appear inside a square (like it is now).

            We want the website to be a fluid website (i think that's what they call it). We want all the website to resize depending on the size of the browser's window.

            We want our website to fill a browser's window no matter what is the size of it and the resolution.

            Like this: http://flashtuts.s3.amazonaws.com/054_FluidWebDesign/website.html

            Thank you,


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              David_F57 Level 5

              Its easier enough to break your website into groups but as you will notice in the second link you provide the image is larger than the normal 1024x768 so you are clipping the image to suit the browser.


              With your website you have animations playing over the background so you could either stretch the background (consider how that may look on wide screen monitors or resize the background centred to the browser window with maybe a gradient effect stretching left and right to cover the "empty area". all other items can be anchored to top, left, right, bottom of either the centre canvas or the 'application' container which you would set to top=0,left=0,bottom=0 and right=0. Check catalyst to see what positioning you have available but I would assume it allows for such things as having for instance a copyright notice that is 250 pixels long with a bottom setting of say 10 and a right setting of 10 which would place it in the bottom right corner. The same principle would be applied to your menu items and animation clips.



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                I just installed catalyst and had a quick play, nothing against the designer orientation of Catalyst but now I remember why I prefer to do everything in flex. It seems you will need to do the web ready autosizing in flex as I can't see any easy way in catalyst. From your link i guess you have a few pages(states) you have transitioned to and from by the menu or back buttons. These states need to be placed in containers that adjust to the browser sizes. Also the facebook widget should appear within the browser client area as currently it would make a mess of autosizing because you dont want browser scrollers to come into play.