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    Auto-analyzer options


      I recently upgraded from Photoshop Elements6/Premiere Elements 4 to Photoshop Elements 8/Premiere Elements 8, and so far I really like the idea of the Auto-Analyzer.  The one thing I've done is disabled the analyzer on startup.


      However, when video clips are imported and analyzed, some of them are split due to content (I have a FlipVideo UltraHD so split by TC does not seem to be available).  Firstly I do not want the content split at all, and secondly, the thumbnail for the first frame is removed.  Is there a way to get the Auto-Analyzer to stop splitting?  There are not many analyzer options, so I'm hoping there is a trick I can do in the registry.  If I cannot disable auto-scene-split, is there at least some way to get the thumbnails back on the split scenes?


      Thanks for the help

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Flip video, because of its non-standard video codec, is going to behave differently than regular DV -- so it's not likely you'd see the behavior with video from a more traditional source (such as miniDV). In fact, I've never heard of imported video being automatically split!


          We usually, in fact, recommend converting Flip video to DV-AVI in order to avoid problems while editing.



          But, if it's working for you, it's working for you! So that's up to you.


          As for the Auto Analyzer, its options are found in the Organizer, under Edit/Preferences.

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            HawFlakes Level 1

            Hi Steve and thanks for answering.


            So far the couple of FlipVideo based mpeg movies I've edited have worked out alright (at lease once I uninstalled the NVIDIA stero driver).  As for the analyzer options, there are not very many:


            Audio, Blur, Brightness and Contrast, Face, Motion, Object Motion, Shake.


            From what I've read, the analyzer will default to TC based scene splitting, but since the MPEG files have no TC, splitting is based on content.  For example, if someone zips in front of the camera, the SW will detect a scene cut and split it.  Also, if the camera shakes violently, it will also detect a scene cut.  Maybe disabling Motion will prevent some of the detected scene cuts?


            Also, now that some of my videos have been split, is there some way to undo it?  I have not found an option to undo a scene split.


            Thanks again,



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Hmm. I wasn't aware of that. We're not talking about capturing, right? We're just talking about using Get Media/From PC Files? Hmm. Okay.


              Open one of the clips in the Clip Monitor. Do this by double-clicking in the Premiere Elements Project media panel (not the Organize panel or the Organizer).


              It's likely that the Organizer did not actually break the video into smaller video files but, rather, just into smaller clips. That means that each clip is actually the whole video, but with in and out points set to isoalate a segment -- represented in purple as the "live" area of its mini-timeline in the Clip Monitor.


              If this is the case, you can turn any clip into the entire video just by setting the in and out points to the true beginning and end of the video.

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                HawFlakes Level 1

                I've tried editing the in and out points as you describe, but it does not seem to remember the settings once I close the clip window.  Also, you are correct, the file was not split, the original was split into in-out pairs and put in a stack.  Basically, I want to get rid of the stack and replace it with the original in and out points, but nothing seems to take.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Contrary to the recollection of some, this Media/Timeline nuisance aspect of Premiere Elements 8 AutoAnalyzer to split a video and deposit the split clips in a stack has been brought up in this forum. For that reason, I was forced to leave the feature disabled in the Preferences and use the Run AutoAnalyzer command only when wanted and needed.


                  The AutoAnalzyer split/stacking was identical to what I observed when using the Scene Detect feature in the Project Media. So I am assuming that AutoAnalzyer and Scene Detect are both spliting by  "scene detect by content" analysis.


                  I could not reverse the split/stacking and needed to delete the stack (whose stack I could expand or group) and re-import the original file from the hard drive. And, I did try numerous tricks to avoid having to do that. As for changing the thumnail at the top of the stack, no luck either. There I tried an assortment of strategies built around the View/Preview Area option in Project Media View which, if necessary, I can elaborate on for ordinarily change the thumbnail image for a video file.


                  I do not have the Premiere Elements 8 tryout now, but expect to have a purchased copy soon to pursue that issue.



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                    HawFlakes Level 1

                    Bummer, this is exactly what I'm seeing, and would love a workaround for it other than disabling the Auto-analyzer.  I have been unsuccessful in unstacking the scene group, and cannot event reset the end point of the first scene in the group to the end of the clip.  Any other suggestions?  I'll keep experimenting and report back, abut I'm starting to doubt that it's possible.

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                      HawFlakes Level 1

                      Well it looks like you can right-click the group and select "Update Thumbnail" to update the image on the PrE scene group, but I still have no way to undo the grouping.  Additionally, it looks like the analyzer also modifies the file creation date to the data the analyzer was run.  I'm liking this less and less.

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        You did one better than I did. I could not get the thumbnail of the stack to Update when "encouraged to do so".. I will try that again under varied circumstances and see if I can get that to happen for the stack derived from AutoAnalyzer which was enabled by default in Preferences.


                        I consider that Background Rendering (left enabled) to fall into the same category of nuisances, that is, its speaking when not spoken to.



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                          HawFlakes Level 1

                          Considering all the photos and video clips in my library, I kind of liked the idea of using free PC cycles to sort through some it.  Especially if the face recognition could drop the correct tags on people.  However, if the analyzer also mucks up my videos, and the creation dates on the them, then this is more than a nusance - it's destructive.  I'll have to run more experiments to see if I can get it just to analyze the photos and not the videos.


                          Before I start running more tests, is anyone aware of photo destructive aspects of the analyzer?


                          Thanks again

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                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                            The Organizer will NEVER destroy or change your original photos. Even if you apply an Organizer Quick Fix, it will save both the original and the changed versions of the photo in a Stack.

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                              HawFlakes Level 1

                              That's great to hear.  After reading your note, and went back to my video clips, removed one from the catelog, readded it, and then analyzed.  This time the creation date was not changed.  From this I conclude that something else probably changed the date (operator error perhaps?).  Sorry for the false alarm.

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                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                As I said earlier, I do not have Premiere Elements 8 still installed on my computer so I am working from my memory of the tryout that I recently had installed here.


                                AutoAnalyzer is also a feature that will operate in the Organizer as well as in the Project Media area of the program. But, remember there appears to be two species of Organizer, the Organizer that exists when you open Premiere Elements 8 and an Elements Organizer where the choice of display setting (Folder View, Batch View, Thumbnail) can make a difference it what you see and do not see. I saw the two from Premiere Elements 8 when I had both Photoshop Elements 8 and Premiere Elements 8 installed on the same computer.


                                Do you have just Premiere Elements 8 installed or Photoshop Elements 8 and Premiere Elements 8? If just Premiere Elements 8, do you see the Organizer in the program as well as the Elements Organizer?


                                As for updating the Organizer thumbnail, I know about right clicking the thumbnail and selecting Update to Update the thumbnail, but, in the case of those stacks, that did not do any thumbnail updating for me.


                                I would suggest that you consider disabling AutoAnalyzer and using the Run AutoAnalyzer command when and if you need it.



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                                  HawFlakes Level 1

                                  I have the Photoshop Elements/Premiere Elements 8 package.  It looks like both of them share the same organizer now os that they better integrate with each other.  I'm startng to agree with you at this point: I've disabled the auto analyzer and will just analyze what I want to.


                                  Thanks for all the help

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                                    I just found this post, so I apologize for the late reply.


                                    To the question regarding the destructive powers of the analizer, well it totally messed the dates in my video clips.


                                    All of my videos (except for the most recent ones) now have the same dates!!


                                    After a lot of reading and analysis, I've come to the conclusion that the analyzer changed the dates on my clips. My clips now have the same dates so the chronological organization of my videos went down the drain. All pics are fine


                                    By looking at the dates applied to my files, the are all near the end of the year, right after installing PSE8 but before knowing the annoyances of the analyzer, so I'm leaning to the fact that every time the analyzer ran, it changed the dates of a bunch of clips to the date it was run.  Now I have all my clips with their dates in either one of these three dates: 11/19/2009, 12/19/2009 or 12/24/2009.


                                    Looking at the affected files in windows explorer, I found that the "modified date" has been changed to one of the three above mentioned dates.  I'm now thinking that the analyzer was the culprit.


                                    Also... in the scene groups it created for some (not all) videos, only the top clip has the wrong date; the hidden clip retained the correct date.



                                    Does this make sense to you?


                                    If so, I would appreciate your comments.


                                    I've taken this to Adobe CS, but still no conclusions from them.

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                                      HawFlakes Level 1

                                      I've stopped using the auto analyzer on video content, and I have not seen creation/modified dates change since I first bumped into it.  It's to bad, I really like the idea of auto background analysis, but not at the expense of video being "corrupted".