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    Tries to read diskette while encoding.


      I'm making a video out of various scenes filmed with an AVCHD camera. First of all I correct the color because the camera's white balance is awful. Then I press enter to render the changes. It takes 1-2 hours for a 1:30 video, but while Premiere is at it the (empty) diskette drive sounds like it's looking each perhaps 3-5 seconds (freezing all other activity from the PC while its light is on). It's also happened after pressing enter to render the changes after having made the adequate snips and inserted the transitions.


      It's very puzzling. No directory or scratch disk is linked to the diskette. It wouldn't matter to me if the diskette drive's action didn't interrupt all other I/O processes many times a minute (as seen in the task manager performance graph), thus skyrocketing the rendering time. And yes: It happens only while Premiere Pro CS4 is rendering.


      Thanks for your help.