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    Public question to Adobe - Can we use desktop InDesign to populate data from database?

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      hi everybody,


      probably not only I'm concerned what is allowable and what not - according to point 2.3 of EULA:



      2.3 Server Use. You may install the Software on Computer file
      server(s) within your Internal Network only for use of the Software
      initiated by an individual from a Computer within the same Internal
      Network as permitted by Section 2.1. The total number of users (not
      the concurrent number of users) able to use the Software on such
      Computer file server(s) may not exceed the Permitted Number.


      By way of example, the foregoing does not permit you to install or
      access (either directly or through commands, data or instructions) the
      Software: from or to a Computer not part of your Internal Network,
      (ii) for enabling web hosted workgroups or services available to the
      public, (iii) by any individual or entity to use, download, copy or
      otherwise benefit from the functionality of the Software unless
      licensed to do so by Adobe, (iv) as a component of a system, workflow
      or service accessible by more than the Permitted Number of users, or
      (v) for operations not initiated by an individual user (e.g.,
      automated server processing); and



      so I would like to get official answer from Adobe - can I update InDesign file from database ? and by database I mean SQL-like databases and CSV-like files, ODBC stuff, etc. ...


      can I export/extract Text contents from InDesign file and edit it externally - as plain text in Notepad-like or WORD-like software or any other software by me or somebody else ? and then reimport/put it back to update InDesign file contents ...


      what is the difference between:

      a) exporting INDD file to PDF, then adding notes in Acrobat and then manually copying notes from Acrobat to InDesign

      b) exporting INDD file to CSV-file/database and editing it in Excel/WORD/Notepad/etc. - then reimporting it back

      what is the difference between a) and b) - except for time and amount of manual work ?




      and to go further ... what with IDML ? this is from InDesign DESKTOP description - http://www.adobe.com/products/indesign/scripting/


      IDML is an open, XML-based file format that enables third-party developers and systems integrators to programmatically create, modify, and deconstruct InDesign documents outside the context of InDesign. IDML works with standard XML editing tools, making it easy to use in automated workflows.

      With IDML, developers can now:

      • Dynamically generate or modify documents
      • Deconstruct and reuse portions of documents
      • Transform document elements using XSLT
      • Find and modify data within InDesign documents using XPath or XQuery
      • Use Adobe Flex® Builder™ software and the Adobe AIR™ runtime to create custom applications and interfaces in front of IDML workflows


      so - if I can use IDML - I should have right to modify InDesign file by using data from database/CSV/etc., right ?


      so ... is there any reason for point 2.3 EULA ? is this point legal at all - why I can't use legally bought software by way I want - if it fits my needs ? why I should buy Server version ?


      or this point is for some other purposes ...