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    Please Help!


      Hiya! I'm a new user of adobe reader and have recently downloaded it onto my dell note book. I have the adobe reader licence which tells me to click to agree, however there is no where for me to agree? the page ends at number 16 and I was wondering whether anyone els has had this problem? I would be gratefull for a reply regarding this matter.Thank you! x

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          pwillener Level 8

          We have had occasional reports in this forum about the same issue, but I have never seen it myself.  There is an easy solution to this, but I wonder if you could help us understand what is happening.


          Could you take a screenshot of that license agreement (without the Accept / Decline buttons), and post it here?



          Anyway, after you have (hopefully) done that, press the following sequence of keys, and you should be in:


          Tab, →, →, →, Enter.


          (The → symbol is of course the right arrow, which should be pressed three times.)