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    Playback Problem (H264)

    Simon 80 Level 1

      Hi All,


      This possibly isn't a Premiere problem, but you guys have been so helpful I thought I'd run it past you.  I have PRE8.  I am editing some footage recorded using a Sony DCR-SR5 in AVCHD.  The .m2ts files it creates play back great on my machine using either the Sony utility or VideoLAN player.  I've edited them using PRE8 and the default HDV project presets.  I've then exported the finished movie using the H264 1440x1080i 25 preset from the MPEG section.


      This produces a .m2t file.  VideoLAN player recognised this and allows me to play it back.  However, unlike the original footage, it is far from smooth.  It is quite jerky and not just where I've applied a transition, but in scenes where there is some fast motion, but which played back fine from the original .m2ts file, also using VideoLAN.


      I tried to view the .m2t file using WMP but it did not recognise it.  I read online that you can simply rename it to .mpg (Van anyone explain why this works to me?!).  I sceptically tried this and sure enough, media player can then play the file.  I was shocked that visually, WMP plays the file perfectly - it's not jerky as it is with VideoLAN, but is smooth as the original is with VideoLAN.  However, WMP introduces a news seriously odd problem - it only plays audio during the first 9 seconds of the movie and then goes silent!!


      Has anyone else seen these problems?  Could anyone make any suggestions?  Is there a 'better' player that I should be using (ie, one thats not jerky as VideoLAN is, and can play all the audio in a video rather than just the first 9 seconds as I've seen with WMP).  Or is this a CODEC problem?  Do I just need to install a different CODEC to use with either players?


      Yours rather confused,


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The output format you've selected will produce a standard HDV video. You shouldn't have any problems using -- or even playing it with the right software.


          However, if the "jerkiness" you're experience is a constant flutter (as opposed to fits and starts), it could be an interlacing issue.


          Load the file into an HDV Premiere Elements project. The video should load to the timeline with no red line above it. Then see how it plays there.