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    Blurred titles in PE8


      If I create a title, either on blank background or on a color matte, it looks fine as a still image.  When I put it in the scene line, it continues to look fine while still.  However, when I run it, the lettering becomes distinctly blurry (not stuttering).  It also happens with imported video clips but that may be related to format problems (VOB in this case) which I will try to address with suggestions in another thread.  But a new project with only a title should behave better.  I have tried all of the good things to reduce demand on resources (disconnected all external peripherals, shut down all non-essential processes, etc.).  Have reinstalled twice.


      I should have enough horsepower.

      Dell Inspiron 530

      2Quad CPU

      2.40 GHz

      nVidia GeForce 8300 GS with 512 MB and 191.07 driver set

      XP Pro SP3 fully patched

      DirectX 9.0c

      Quicktime 7.6.4




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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Are you basing your "blurred titles in PE8" on what you are seeing in the Edit Mode Monitor and/or the end product?


          When you are in the Edit Mode, are you rendering the Timeline by pressing the Enter Key of the computer main keyboard? When you do that, you obtain the best possible preview of what the end product should look like. It is important to do that type of rendering for titles, effects, transitions, and non DV AVI content. This type of rendering can be time consuming and does not impact quality. It is your window of opportunity to get the best possible preview and catch any bad news that can be corrected at that level. Some are more confident than others and say that Rendering is not needed since you will get the same end result with or without it. But, if you know or think you know beforehand, that is the benefit of it.


          Please let us know if this has targeted the issue.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            For Titles, take a look at this ARTICLE on their creation.


            Next, have you done a Render of the Timeline (I always do Title work in Timeline)?


            Last, in the Program Monitor, if it set to a Magnification (Rt-click) of Fit, change to 100% and preview again.


            I always feed my output to a calibrated NTSC CRT monitor, hooked up via firewire, but this is out of PrPro. For other tests, I burn to DVD RW and play on a set-top player hooked to my 60" TV.


            Good luck,



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              Switch to Timeline view, before playing back the video ensure that you dont see a red line in the work bar area. If you do, press enter to render the clip, after the rendering completes and Green line would be seen. Playback now and should work fine, else do post your results here.


              And as mentioned above by "the wine snob" its always better to use the timeline while addint text.

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                Bob1984 Level 1

                I have contributed to another thread about blurred video clips and I suspect this is related.  I have created the title in both Sceneline and Timeline.  I have rendered the Timeline and then saved in various formats.  I have attached a couple of seconds of the title in avi on the assumption that should be clearest.  As you can see, it is significantly blurry in WMP and Streamclip and very blurry in QuickTime.  This is true both when still and when running so I don't believe the problem is that of foreground/background contrast in the article mentioned by Wine Snob.



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                  Bob1984 Level 1

                  System did not take first clip.  Second try with smaller file.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    I'm replying here, even though your next post has a live link to your .AVI.


                    I do see the blurriness in that .AVI.


                    Please give us the full specs. on your Project, and exactly what steps you used to create this Title. I assume that you used the Titler in PrE. Is that correct?


                    What were your exact steps in the Export. It seems that you have tried several formats with about the same results. Is that correct, also?


                    In your example footage, the Title is static, but you mention that Motion is added in your Project. Exactly what Motion, and how is it added - Effects>Motion>Position Keyframes, or one of the animation Presets?


                    Good luck,



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                      digitalreply Level 1



                      What are the project setting you are working with ? Is is a std DV project.

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                        Bob1984 Level 1

                        I have tried: DV Standard; DV Widescreen: Hard Disk, Flash Memory, Camcorder Standard & Widescreen.  See more details in my reply to Wine Snob (haven't done it yet)



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9
                          I have tried: DV Standard; DV Widescreen: Hard Disk, Flash Memory, Camcorder Standard & Widescreen.


                          Let's step back just a bit here. What is your source footage? That should dictate your exact Project settings. These need to match 100%. If you ARE matching your source footage, your Titles should work much better, than what I saw in your example. About the only way that I can think of, for the Project Preset interferring with your Titles is if there is a major mismatch and you are having to scale something. Still, Titles should automatically match your Project Preset and be good, with the degredation happening to your source footage, due to Scaling of that material to fit.


                          I'll take the SD Standard (4:3) 720 x 480, and try to duplicate your example Title to see what I come up with. Give me a bit of time, and I'll post what I come up with.


                          Good luck,



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                            Bob1984 Level 1



                            First, pardon the confusion over motion vs static.  No animation was added to the title.  What I meant was that the blurriness occurs when the title clip is paused or running.  I mentioned that because, with the video clips, the blurriness is marginally less (still unacceptable) when the video is paused.


                            So here is the entire process.


                            - Start PE8

                            - Welcome Window

                            - Project Window

                            - Message notifies me that a reduced set of content has been installed (for first install, I included extra content.  For next two installs, I left it out thinking fewer resources would be used)

                            - File > New > Project

                            - Name: various used

                            - Change Settings:

                                 - Hard Disk, Flash Memory, Camcorder

                                      - Wide Screen 48 kHz

                            (Note here that Standard, DV Standard, DV Wide Screen have also been tried)

                            - OK, OK

                            - Timeline View

                            - Project

                                 - New Item

                                      - Color Matte > 2E73A7

                                 - ok

                            - Timeline > Render Work Area (line turns from red to green)

                            - Drag pointer back to time=0

                            - New Item  > Title

                            - Both color matte and title show as Still Image, 29.97 fps

                            - Add text > Style = Myriad Pro Lemon 50, bold, size 25

                            - Center justify

                            - text added

                            - main title enlarged to 35

                            - up until this point text looks quite sharp

                            - Switch from text tool to pointer to realign text box

                            - Text blurs

                            - Timeline > Render Work Area > line is green

                            - Text still blurred.  In fact, multiple renderings seem to make text blurrier

                            - Share

                            - AVI, DVNTSC Widescreen

                            - Export Settings

                                 - Preset - DV NTSC Widescreen

                                 - X Export Video, X Export Audio

                                 - 720x480, 29.97 fps, Lower, Quality 100

                            - After save, noted red x in lower left of screen

                            - Display performance will be poor due to incorrectly operating graphics card or driver (latest nVidia drivers reinstalled; no video functions other than those associated with PE8 and its output are abnormal)

                            - AVI run in WMP is blurry

                            - Output as FLV or MPG also blurry

                            - Project done with Enable GPU Playback unchecked did not result in red X after save but output still blurry

                            - Rolled video driver back to a 2007 version (nVidia GeForce 8300 GS) - with GPU Playback enabled, saved project did not result in red X but still blurry.


                            As mentioned before, the blurriness is just as problematic with video clips - both original VOB and avi derived using Streamclip


                            Using Any FLV Converter and generated player, I can get a FLV from the original VOB which looks decent on the web.



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                              Bob1984 Level 1

                              The title I uploaded was the whole project.  There was no video clip that it had to match with.

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9



                                Here is my take on the Title. I did change things to 16:9 Widescreen, to match your example.


                                I'll now go over your specs. to see how they differ from mine.


                                Good luck,



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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                                  - main title enlarged to 35


                                  This step puzzles me. If you are creating a Title in a Project, you should be working at 100%, and there should be no need to Scale up, or down. This is likely part of the issue.


                                  I chose a similar color. At the time of the test, I did not see your color specs., but that should be of little importance. I also created the Title at 100%, with no scaling and chose Myriad Pro (that looked about right), with just a standard Drop Shadow Style. I set the type color to 236, 236, 236 (very light grey and within the DVD-Video specs.).


                                  My Export was DV-AVI and I just adjusted the Duration to get the file size down to something that would attach.


                                  Now, that is quite a bit of text on one Title. Personally, I would have broken it down into maybe two Titles. Personally, I do not like to use text below about 32 pt. as one only has 720 x 480 pixels to use. Much below 32 pt., and things start to fall apart quickly. As an aside, I keep the Duration to the time that it takes to read each Title 1.5x, and bump that up to 2x for either a lot of body copy, or if words that might not be 100% familiar to the audience are included - gives the audience time to "think."


                                  Good luck,



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                                    Bob1984 Level 1

                                    Sorry.  Semantics.  I meant although I created the entire title in font size 25, I then enlarged the first two lines to font size 35.  It had nothing to do with display size/scaling which I did not alter from the default.


                                    I realize the title is a bit busy.  There is a rationale.  People looking at the video on our web site will have seen all of the info on the page linking to the video.  The major intent is to have detailed ID info within the video in the event that it gets copied/used elsewhere.  Also provides some protection for the speaker if someone sees the video some years hence when some presented material may be out of date.  I would probably run the title longer than the default 5 seconds if it looked better.


                                    Your Title_Test_02.avi looks as blurry as mine in WMP and Streamclip on my computer, and terrible in QuickTime.  Same blurriness when played in WMP and QuickTime on two other computers.  However, both also had nVidia cards (GeForce4 MX 420, GeForce 4200 Go).



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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9
                                      I meant although I created the entire title in font size 25, I then enlarged the first two lines to font size 35.  It had nothing to do with display size/scaling which I did not alter from the default.


                                      Thank you for the clarification. I missed that the "35" was the font size.


                                      I opened your example in WMP on the laptop (nVidia GeForce 8800m GTX 512MB) and placed mine in MediaPlayer Classic HC, as I cannot get two instances of WMP open at the same time. In my side-by-side test (two similar, but different players), there was a noticable difference in the sharpness of the two examples. I will try QT Player 7.5.5 and see how they look there.


                                      Now, if you are going to a Web site, you might be better off doing your Titles in Flash directly.


                                      Good luck,



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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                        Wow! I just loaded my .AVI into QT Pro 7.5.5 and man is that ever ugly!!!!



                                        I think that I could have drawn the type with a chalkbag and had it sharper. I am surprised at how things fall completely apart in QT - totally unusable.


                                        Thanks for educating me on the differences. What a shock. Now, I see why I seldom use QT Player for anything but .MOV & MP4 files.


                                        Good luck,



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                                          Bob1984 Level 1

                                          If you saw a noticeable difference between the sharpness of the two files, what do you attribute it to?


                                          Re authoring in Flash.  I am doing this as a volunteer for a non-profit disability organization.  I don't mind contributing time or even buying PE8 as part of an upgrade package for Photoshop but I am afraid I am not about to shell out $699 for Flash given the relatively limited use it would get.  Worst case scenario for me is that I create the readable, but not so pretty, titles in PE8,  then clip individual presentations out of the VOB files I was supplied and merge titles & clips using Any FLV Video Converter.  This gives an acceptable web video.



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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9
                                            If you saw a noticeable difference between the sharpness of the two files, what do you attribute it to?


                                            This could be attributable to the difference between the players. I do not use WMP that much, choosing MediaPlayer Classic HC, or VLC Player for more critical work. I've just never been a big fan of WMP, but that's just me.


                                            Now, in WMP my .AVI looked pretty good, though not as good as in MediaPlayer Classic. Unfortunately, I could not do a side-by-side in WMP for both files. I'll download (not just Open) your example and play it in MediaPlayer Classic to see if it is just a player difference.


                                            Sorry that I could not be of more help.



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                                              digitalreply Level 1



                                              Some suggestions which might help you -

                                              1. After you apply the Font Style (Myriad Pro Lemon 50, bold, size 25) change the Font Color to RGB - 255/255/153 which falls under the very safe web colors category. (Read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_colors) This gives slightly better results.

                                              2. You may also try exporting to the Flash Preset i.e. Share > Personal Computer > Adobe Flash Video. My results from PE8 are quite satisfactory. Plus the file generated is smaller in size, so helps if you have to upload it on a website.