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    Mouse Over Image Swap bugged transition problem


      I have a question regarding the function of "Import" and "Update" in the properties of an image.  I've re-updated the link above to reflect my specific question.  In the movie, there are image swap transitions as you scroll over various sections of the home page.  These actions are carried out in the target cont_images and cont_images/images for the pictures.  I attempted to update one of the photos in the library with a new picture of equal quality and proportions but when I then watch the movie, the action is carried out but in a very un-smooth fashion.  The transition can be contrasted here:






      The bugged transition will be the Adventure tab in the center, right most box.  You'll also notice that with the bug it quickly flashes the picture under the "Register" Tab (image_big_2) with the one that was changed being (image_big_3).  The part that puzzles me is that it had worked once by simply updating/importing but for some reason no longer does, I believe it lies in the method I'm going about replacing the photo.  Also the photo isn't being called externally from a folder as it is built into the library of the FLA.  I hope this was all clear enough.  If there are any odd parts, I'll be watching the thread to respond if you have a question.


      Again, thank you for your continued efforts in helping me, the aid is very much appreciated.

      (If you need to download the FLA, there's a link under that index page above to do so)