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    Flash player won't download in IE


      Hi everyone, i've had this problem for some time now and just recently started to try and solve it. It started a fe months

      ago when i opened up steam, and the box in the center for the store displays new games or what have you ( i honetly forget

      now what it did but it was something like, becase i havn't seen it in months). So it says "You will need to Install the

      latest Flash plugin to view this page properly." I say alright whatever just update flash, not so simple. it opens up ie

      and so i click on "agree and install now" button and it just reloads the page instantly and nothing happens...... so i just

      gave up on it because i didn't really need it i didnt think. Plus IE i never used because i have Firefox which i use and IE

      just got really bad after IE8 i think i used to use it all the time now it just will close unexpectly and what not. So back

      on track im using steam today and this little anoyance of "you need to pdate flash" thing was pissing me off and i think i

      need to update it in order to purchase games? i tried to buy a game today by "adding to cart" and it just does nothing. so

      i assum i need flash? not to sure but anyway this flash thing shouldnt do this because of just IE being crappy. i really am

      at a loss as to what to do now so any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.