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    Converted DVD to MPEG2 Then Imported In Premiere, Turns Into Jerky Video


      Hello, I'm using Premiere Pro 1.5 on Windows Vista. I took in some vintage 8mm film to be transferred onto DVD professionally. Once I received the DVD I used a trial of Magic to convert the DVD video into a MPEG2 file, I then imported it into Premiere 1.5 so I could edit it and such. Once it is imported in Premiere it seems to playback fine, but then when I drag the entire MPEG2 file down to the timeline it plays back all jerky and spasmically whether it is rendered or not it doesn't matter. I tried converting the DVD to an AVI file and Premiere says it isn't compatible when I tried importing that, the only other option in Magic was to convert it to a SVCD MPEG2 I tried that and got the same result. I would hate to have to spend all the money to upgrade Premiere or buy another converting software, but I don't think I have any other options at this point, any body have any ideas?