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    Premiere Pro 2.0 Render Farm Issues

    richmaxw Level 1


      I have a desktop and a laptop connected to each other using cat5 cable and a Linksys router. Each has a copy of Premiere Pro 2.0 and  FrameServer. I have a test movie that I would like to render on the farm. I exported the movie from my desktop to FrameServer. I then connected to the desktop from the laptop and began to receive the movie. But I can't render it on my desktop. I tried to connect to using the FrameServer client, and it says that it's connected to two clients, but no frames are served to the desktop -- only the laptop. On another note, whenever I switch windows the rendering stops completely. There aren't any error messages and the program continues to run. It just says that there are zero frames being served. Here are my specs:





      Windows XP Professional SP3
      AMD Athlon 7750 dual core, 2.7 GHz

      4 GB RAM
      ASUS EAH4670





      Windows Vista Business SP2
      Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.5 GHz

      4 GB RAM
      ATI Radeon 3400



      If it's a FrameServer issue, I'd be happy to try another program. I have Autodesk Maya and Combustion. Would their copy of Mental Ray or Backburner work with Premiere?


      Thanks for any help,