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    Problems creating printed documentation in RoboHelp 7

      I've just downloaded and installed the RoboHelp 7 trial and am evaluating it before my company buys it. Until now, we've used RoboHelp X5 to generate WebHelp and .pdfs; however, in the latter format, none of the hyperlinks ever worked, so we're eager to upgrade. I have a Vista machine and Office 2007. I'm having a few issues with the RoboHelp 7 printed documentation feature.
      Problem: In RoboHelp 7 I can create a new project with new topics and both WebHelp and .pdfs are fine, with all links working. However, when I import HTML files from my existing X5 project, the WebHelp is fine, but the program crashes when I try to create a .pdf. When I open it again, and try to configure the print settings, it says there is another program using the printed documentation.doc file, so it won't let me adjust settings. Even though I don't see Word running, it's shown in the Task Manager and only when I end the process can I reopen RoboHelp and try to create a new printed doc.
      I've narrowed it down to an issue with stylesheets. All the imported HTML files used a custom stylesheet (which is also imported into the new project). I've tried adding the custom stylesheet to the baggage folder, but this doesn't help. When I remove the link to this custom sheet and associate all imported files with the RoboHelp 7 default.css, I can generate both WebHelp and .pdfs without issue for both new and imported topics.
      Question: Does anybody know how can I import files from projects created in X5, maintain their custom styles, and generate .pdfs in RoboHelp 7? If possible, I'd rather not create a new .css all over again.