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    Importing .mov from Kodak Zx1 Camcorder

    curtdbz Level 1

      Hey.  I contact Kodak but they said to contact Adobe for this problem.  Aparrently I'm not the only one.  When taking video with my Zx1 (in this case, recording in HD 720p at 60fps, though the problem persists for all the different qualities I record at) it records to an SDHC as a MOV file.  When I try to import that into Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 it says "File format not supported."    It says this no matter what, even if I change the extension to avi or mpg (actually with AVI it will open only the audio).  Anyway, when I convert the file using SUPER it works almost perfect.  The thing is, I can't keep doing that, it takes waaayy to long and I'm working with many HD files.  Please help.  Thank you.