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    Need conceptual help with embedding flash with flex

    DaveFastFingers Level 1

      I have been learning flex UI design for some time, and have a decent grasp of it using FlexBuilder. But I haven't played with flash animations at all.


      If someone else builds a flash animation (FLA or SWF file right?) and I want to embed and display those in flex... I'm a little fuzzy on how that works, and would like some help with the conceptual understanding.


      For example, if someone built a flash intro and login page purely in flash (no flex components at all). How does the logic work? And how would I incorporate that into what will then be a flex app after the login page?


      I'm trying to understand the following scenario:


      1) flash intro sequence

      2) flash only user login form (no flex ui components on the login page, is this even possible? I think so)

      3) login calls a function which handles server login communication and either:

         a) loads a flex component/application on success

         b) runs a different flash animation sequence


      How do the different animation sequences work? Are animation sequences something I can call from a function in actionscript? I'm not clear how these work at the most basic conceptual level.

      How do I embed and run this sequence of flash animations in my actionscript environment?