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    addEventListener does not work anymore after re-creation of element of same id?


      My script works as follow (simplified), and the addEventListener does not work after re-create of element of same id.

      Am I making any mistake and so cause it failure to work?


      ( I have repeated declare var el here, please just ignore it )

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------

      // creating a div container


      var el = document.createElement('div');

      el.id = 'div1';



      // then a childnode


      var el = document.createElement('div');

      el.id = 'div1_1';


      document.getElementById('div1_1').addEventListener('click', eventHandler, true); // works fine


      // then try a remove event test


      document.getElementById('div1_1').removeEventListener('click', eventHandler, false);

      document.getElementById('div1_1').addEventListener('click', eventHandler, true); // fine, eventHandler run once only


      // remove event test works fine


      // and sometimes I need to remove all the nodes and event, and create the element with same id and attach event again


      var el = document.getElementById('div1_1');

      el.removeEventListener('click', eventHandler, false); // by referring the test above,  it should be work fine ...

      air.trace(document.getElementById('div1').childNodes.length)  // output 1 (no child nodes under div1_1)


      air.trace(document.getElementById('div1').childNodes.length) // output 0. ok, all nodes removed


      // create a childnode again


      var el = document.createElement('div');

      el.id = 'div1_1';


      air.trace(document.getElementById('div1').childNodes.length)  // fine, output 1, html also display correctly

      document.getElementById('div1_1').addEventListener('click', eventHandler, true); // but nothing happened here