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    hdcam sr to premiere cs4 import file format




      I need work on some material with premiere cs4. unfortunatly all the material is on hdcam sr and because the player is way to expensive i decided to let someone else copy the video to an hard drive, so that i can work on it on my computer and than have him put it back on tape when i am done.

      now i got the videos as 16 bit tiff sequence from him (he works with avid), because i need the high quality, but premiere does not work with 16 bit tiff.


      is there any other way or file format that i could use to get the videos on my computer without compression? no data should be lost.

      the output shoud be 1920x1080 and the video is more than an hour.


      could i use 16 bit .psd sequence without loosing information?


      thank you for any information