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    Moving from Roxio to Pre question

    Bob Huish

      I have Pre Ver 7 on a 2.6g WinXP Pro system with lots of HD, MEM. Using a Panasonic DMC-FZ8 camera.


      What I do for Roxio was

      1. Take pictures, like for a camping trip, I might shoot 200-300 pictures and short movies.
      2. Download them to my system in a folder called “RAW” then copy “RAW” and rename it “Working”
      3. I edit “Working” and get about 100 pictures and movies. When I get them in order I ‘select all’ and rename them. Now they are in order.
      4. I open Roxio Videowave . I can now load all the pictures and movies in order to the timeline all at once.


      I now want to use Adobe Premiere Elements 7 for this. How?


      I tried to do this, but the pictures were out of order and dragging each one, one at a time, to the timeline takes to long.


      Thanks for any help




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You'll need to come up with some way of ordering your photos once you get them into your Premiere Elements Project media panel.


          Your options are:


          1) Give your photos an alpha numeric name so that they're listed in order in this panel; or


          2) Select the option to display the assets in this panel as icons rather than a list; in icon view you can drag them around into the order you want.


          Because you're dealing with so many photos, the first option is probably better.


          Your other option, since arranging them is easier is Videowave, is to just order and create the slideshow in Videowave. From Videowave, you can output this slideshow as a DV-AVI, the universal language for PC-based video editors. You can then bring that AVI into Premiere Elements and add it to whatever other media you plan to edit in your movie.


          After all, there's no rule that says one program has to do it all! If you've got a tool that does some aspects of your editing better, your wisest choice is to combine the power of both programs!

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            Bob Huish Level 1

            Thank you for the reply.

            When I rename them in XP they have a name like Balloons (2) .jpg,

            Balloons (3) .jpg, ... in order


            I think your right, just use Videowave. The only thing is that the

            camera outputs the video as a .mov file and Videowave can't rotate the

            video when I tunr the camera on it's side.

            I used "Movie Rotator" to rotate the video, but when I put it in

            Videowave it was still on its side. ??


            Thanks again for the help



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I'm sorry. I can't help you with Videowave.