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    Computer crash when trying to register my software


      Hello. I've used Adobe Flash CS3 Professional for about two months now, and every time I've opened the program I've automatically just pressed "Register Later". But today I had to open/close the program many times, and I eventually grew tired of the register screen. At first, I tried the usual "Register Later", but Flash doesn't respond. And it seems I can't close Flash at all after hitting any button. I use Windows Vista when I work with Flash, and to be able to close the program I have to use the task manager and end the process. This means I can't use Flash, which I really have to right now (I'm in class).


      I didn't know whether to ask for help on a Flash forum or a Windows Vista forum, because I don't know where the problem lies. But the problem only occur while using Flash.


      Edit: OK, I've now managed to fill out the information, press "Register", but I only get this:

      Direct access to this  page is not allowed.

      If you have any questions please contact Customer  Service by clicking here.


      And I'm still not able to close the program without using the task manager.