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    AdvancedDataGrid problem: selecting multiple items with the SHIFT key

      1) I programmatically select an index of my AdvancedDataGrid (with no mouse click). Example: adg.selectedIndex = 2;

      2) While pressing the "SHIFT" key I try to select more than one item, including the one selected in #1

      That doesn't work.

      If I click on another item using the mouse and then click back on the first item, I'm then able to use the SHIFT key.


      I don't know and to fix/woraround this. But the problem is that even if there IS a selected item (I selected it using "adg.selectedIndex"), "anchorBookmark" is null in this method of AdvancedListBase.as:

      protected function selectItem(item:IListItemRenderer, shiftKey:Boolean, ctrlKey:Boolean, transition:Boolean = true):Boolean

      And therefore the selection is not done.

      Any help please?