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    Exported swf filenames don't match with slides


      I've made a screencapture with captivate 3 and would like to use the capture in after effects, so i just need the slides, not the player.

      However the slides filenames seem to be all mixed up.

      The screencapture is split in 63 files but they're not in alphabetical order.

      i got 63 files named capture1.swf, capture2.swf, capture3.swf etc, however capture31 is first, then capture3, then 8 etc etc. Is there a way to export them in alphabetical order or maybe get a list that shows in what order they should be placed? Now it's just a 63 piece puzzle, it's doable to manually place them all in the right order but it'd be hell of a work.

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          You can export all the swfs capture1.swf, capture8.swf in any order on your system. Once all the swf files are exported to the system, you can sort the files on your system directly. This should give you all files in correct order.


          Hope this is helpful.





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            bartj3 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response and i might misunderstand you but adobe captivate automatically names the swf's, and if i sort them alphabetically on my system they'll start with 1, then 2, then 3 etc, however file capture1.swf is not the first file in the screencapture, the numbers in the file names seem to be completely random. I thought maybe if i sorted them on creation time it might be the correct order since i assume captivate will export in chronological order but that doesn't seem to be the correct order either.

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              mvlele Level 3

              Ok. I get your point.


              I did a quick check using Captivate 4 and i did a capture session and created around 30 slides. My observation is -

              1. Backgrounds are created as background1.bmp, background2.bmp ...

              2. Order in which backgrounds are placed in library is not correct. Its placed as Background1, Background10, Background 11 ..

              3. But order of capture and order in which these resources are labeled is the same. (This is where my observation is different from yours)


              One doubt -

              Your project might have other slides which wont use these captured swfs. If so, then the slide numbers and capture.swf numbers will not match. Is this the case?


              I am still wondering why are the capture.swfs not in same order as you captured it.




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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Hi Bart


                I don't use (or recommend) Full Motion Recording (FMR), so I might not be correct with this suggestion.


                I belive that FMR creates a video object on each slide. Exactly what determines the breaking point for each segment is a mystery to me, but the point is that you have an object on each slide representing the video. Aren't you able to name these videos? I think if you right-click it you are able to find it in the Library. This would have it selected in the library. Then you might be able to right-click it in the library and rename it. Perhaps Segment 1, Segment 2 and so on.


                Cheers... Rick



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                  bartj3 Level 1

                  Hi Rick,

                  i indeed have 63 seperate slides with seperate movie objects, they are numbered correctly in captivate however if i export the project (projectname example) i get example.swf, example_skin.swf and then example_fullmotion1.swf etc etc, the numbers of the fullmotion files don't match with the slide numbers, and i can ofc rename them manually after they're exported however that would mean i would have to puzzle with 63 files. But if i understand correctly i should be able to influence the file names of the fullmotion files from the library? all i see in captivate is the 63 slides, and i don't see any type of library. How am I able to acces it and rename the video objects?


                  Thanks in advance,


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                    Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                    You can open the library with CTRL-ALT-L or menu Window, Library.