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    Windows 7 - Freehand MX ??


      Hello Friendly Freehanders.

      Any comments yet on running FH MX under Windows 7?

      I understand Windows XP can run in emulation mode in Win7 Professional version and wonder if that will be an option for running Freehand. I am using FH MX on Win XP without any major dramas, but the computer is approaching its "use by" date. Meanwhile my old Mac G4-400 running FH8.0 under OS9 chugs on happily and with rock solid reliability.


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          Hey, I’ve been using windows 7 for about 3 months now and I´m yet to install something that the OS doesn’t run ( luck maybe...).

          I’ve installed FreeHand and so far no problems, although I havent been using it very often.

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            I installed the  Win 7 (64 bit version)  , no obvious problems yet with FH !  My admiration for FH is still growing.. no big issues in Snow Leopard, neither in Win7.. what did you say ...  how old was the program ?? ..I am working with Fh from version 3.0 on ....