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    Drag and Drop movieclip approach


      On stage I have several movieclips which I want to Drag and Drop.

      But I do not want to Drag and Drop the original movieclip (A). But a copy of the clicked movieclip (A1).


      To do this I make a copy of the clicked movieclip and put in on the same place as the original one. And set function A1.startDrag();


      The problems which i have now is the handling of the mouse events. Because Flash was bussy with movieclip A, and is now interrupted by movieclip A1


      A.onPress  {

          make moviclip A1

          set location A1 under the mouse cursor


          A1.onRelease() { this.stopDrag() }



      A.onRollOut  {

           trace("A onRollOut")



      When A.onPress was performed, a new moviclip A1 was put in front of A. Event A.onRollOut() is then never activated. because the mouse Events are now catched bij A1 (which is currently onder the mouse cursor). Evenso A1.onRelease() { this.stopDrag() } is never fired.

      What is a good apprach to solve these Mouse, MovieClip interactions.

      Can I pass through Events?

      Do I need to pass mouse events.