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    Why Does Robohelp 8 take soooo long to do anything?

    Wayne K.

      I just downloaded and installed Robohelp 8 the other day, and I know it is a large application (the download was about 660 MG), but it is so slow that it is currently unworkable on my PC. It took five minutes for the application to open my legacy .xpj file (from 5.0), and after doing so, I highlighted a page in my project file for editing, and it took about 25-30 seconds for the page to appear after highlighting it in the project manager. This isn't anywhere close to what I would consider to be acceptable performance.


      I should note that my PC is running a 8222 SE processor, 3.01 GHz, 1.00 GB of RAM, and has 40 GB of storage. I am currently trying to get my memory upgraded to 4 GB. Can you provide any other recommendations on this?


      Also, when I had a response problem with RH for HTML 5.0 (took 10 minutes for my project file to open), I cut the .cpd file out and then went back to open the .xpj file, which rebuilt the .cpd (and the performance was better). However, I removed the .cpd from another help file, and this did not work; the .cpd file did not rebuild itself, and every link in my project was broken (fortunately, I had a backup project). Both .xpj files were about 4.00 KB. Do you have any idea why rebuilding the .cpd would work in one RH 5.0 help project, but not another?


      Please let me know about these issues. Thanks.