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    export file size

    pdemo Level 1

      Hi There. I have these 50min videos that I want to export for streaming on the web. I've tried cutting my frames to 15 and using the Ipod setting to export but the files are still huge, 850mb even though they look small.   What is the best way to export them to a managable size, 450mb?


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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The only two factors that affect file size are duration, and bitrate.  If you can't make it shorter, you have to reduce the bitrate.

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            pdemo Level 1

            how do I reduce the bitrate?

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              That is something one should know or be able to figure out before one uses professional software.


              It's like a driver asking as he approaches a stop sign "Which one is the brake pedal".


              If you have to ask the question, you're not ready to drive the car (or in this case, use the software).


              As I would recommend driver's ed for the one situation, I also recommend a formal education in video before one use Premiere Pro.  For the casual user who doesn't wish to go that route, I recommend using consumer software.

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                pdemo Level 1

                Thanks, I'll look into bit-rate. I dont really have a choice about software and equipment.  I work with what I have, some tutorials on-line with lynda.com but never mentioning bitrate.