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    CS3 crashes, every time I open it


      Flash cs3 crashes on me every time I open it. Sometimes I can open a file before it crashes and sometimes it crashes even if it's just the software that's open.

      The message I get is the generic Windows "Flash has closed unexpectedly would you like to send an error report, sorry for the inconvenience"...


      It makes it hard to get any work done when the software won't run properly.

      Anyone have any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.

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          whattevva Level 2

          You could try re-installing the software - ...or you could try calling tech support and wait on hold for an hour or two before someone from another part of the world tries to walk you through a couple more hours of frustration before telling you they've tried everything they know - "maybe it's your computer"...


          Sorry if I sound synical, but I just spent $1800 on a full e-Learning suite that won't load, and I've spent two full days back and forth and on hold with Adobe's so-called support to no avail - and now it "must be my computer causing a conflict..."


          So... "I could try re-installing the Operating System and wiping the computer clean" (and re-installing ALL of my previous softwares), and that might help...


          Good luck with your issue... At least they "apologize for the inconvenience" when it crashes...


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            Henk @ Villa

            This could be a font problem... Quit Flash and try to close as many fonts and restart Flash.


            You can try to delete your preferences.


            Gr. Henk