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    [ExternalInterface] Open Flex program

      I'm making a very simple chat to use on my website, i have some questions about ExternalInterface.
      This is what i have to do.
      A user enter on my website(USER A), click on a link(nickname of another registered user, USER B) and i want to open a new page with my Flex chat and starts the chatting USER A <--> USER B

      What are the problems?
      1. How can i know if USER A already has a chat opened?
      2. If USER A already has a chat opened i have to put USER B in a list in USER A flex chat window(and NOT open another window)
      3. If i have to put USER B in the list because USER A already has the chat opened, how can i send the USER B reference to USER A? With ExternalInterface?...but how could i send with externalInterface if the flex chat window is not on the same page of the USER B link?

      Thanks so much