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    Reader 9.x ignores 'different first page' tray selections


      Hi all,

      I wonder if anyone else has seen this issue and may be able to offer some insight?


      We're using the HP PostScript Universal Print Driver (v4.7 and v5.0.1), if the printer is set to use different paper for the first page, this is ignored when printing PDF's in a browser window unless the PDF is printed as an image. This does not occur when the same PDF is opened in Reader outside of IE.

      For example; the printer driver is PostScript and is set to use Preprinted paper for the first page, and plain for subsiquent pages. When printing a PDF from within IE, unless 'print as image' is enabled, all pages will be printed on plain paper.


      Unfortunately, we can't simply change the print drivers to PCL for our 65+ printers because of compatibility issues with other products, and printing every PDF as an image makes every job extremely slow. Any suggestions?