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    Formatting snippets after embedding RH8


      RH8 HTML


      Im wondering if there is a way to format a snippet of text after if inserted it into a topic.


      I want the text to remain unformatted while its in the snippet, but when I embedd it I want to be able to apply numbering, or bullets or whatever else is needed.


      this has come about because I have a lot of short descriptions about a field in a window and in some places listing them would be useufl, but in other having no bullets would also be handy, I dont want to constrain myself to formatting in the snippet itself.


      I can use the bullet icon in RH but its not the bulelt style I want, I try to apply my custom bullet but it wont apply, the only way I can do it is to code the HTML manually, which does work. But having to do this 100 or so times is going to become veeeeery annoying and time consuming.


      Is there a way around this?