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    Fonts - Can I name fonts to find them easily?


      Sorry if this is a silly question,

      I have a mac and I would like to know if its possible to name fonts that I use for a particular theme.

      For example I have a lot of Disco type fonts, it would be good to be able to type Disco and have all the fonts pop up for selection.


      At the moment I have to go to my font manager (Font Explorer X) and choose a set and then type the name of the font into Illustrator for it to appear.


      I would love to be able to drag a font directly from my font manager and it would activate the selected text.


      Hope this makes sense.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No, fonts cannot be renamed in that fashion. What you see is the internal creator name and that requires specific tools like Font Lab to access the internal structure of the font. Depending on what font it is, this may not be possible due to certain protection flags being set or at least many times it is not legal in terms of the respective license agreements. How font managers interact with applications is a whole different matter, but I doubt that Adobe would open up their internal code in such a fashion, that those tools can directly replace the internal font lists, which is basically what you want. Can't have everything, I guess...