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    Premiere Pro CS4 books


      I was hoping someone might be able to point me to an Premire Pro CS4 book besides the "Classroom in a Book" series.  I see nothing out there that speaks to this topic.  I have went through the Classroom in a Book many times now but there is so much more out there.  I have also went through all of the Lynda.com series...and it pretty much covers what the book covers...I see so many other things in Premiere Pro that I want to learn.  I realize that all Adobe products have a nice robust help structure, but this is not put into a book type structure.  I do not want to have to go through menu by menu to root out all the items I don't know, rather I would like a large book that starts from the beginning, much like the Classroom in a Book starts and just goes into ALL of the items in Premiere Pro and not just brush over most of them.  Any help here would be great.  Thank you.


      Dave Jordan