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    Video playback not working

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      I realize that this has been covered in past threads but I am not sure how to dig those up, so I figured I would just ask here.  I loaded Premiere Pro CS4 on my brand new laptop Windows Vista 32bit and when I go through the Adobe Classroom in a Book lessons the video playback is not working, but I can hear the voices...not sure why.  Also when the videos that are imported into the project I can see that there is proper video but when I try to play it back, I have no luck.  Even the fast preview that you can use under the Project tab is not playing.  Like I said, I can hear the sound of the video fine but as to the play back no video.  I have checked and my Quicktime is the newest version and my Premiere Pro CS4 is completely updated to the latest version...any help here would be appreciated.