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    Get data

    GeorgeWS Level 1

      I have an ArrayCollection filling a ADG I am using a SummaryRenderer to help display a long description. The SummaryRenderer is called to fill in a grouped row in my ADG. my SummaryRenderer is like this:


      override public function set data (value:Object):void

      { super.data = value;

      rowLabel.htmlText = data.GroupLabel;



      This works ok and shows the GroupLabel in the correct position in the ADG. But the GroupLabel is not what I want to display in that column. I have been trying this as my closest try: parentDocument.myArray.getItemAt(0).COMPUTED_COLUMN_6


      this fills the correct spot in the ADG with the correct column but only shows the first record. How can I show each record with is own "COMPUTED_COLUMN_6" so in each group I need some looping or something. Can anyone show me how?