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    No Audio/half speed playback on MPEG-2 or AVI Export




         I am working on a live band video project for DVD & Blu-ray and am having trouble getting audio to export correctly.  The project uses 24/96 WAVE audio captured via Cubase SX3.  This is not audio coming from the HD or SD camera and is imported seperatley.  This project uses HDV (M2T) and SD DV AVI material mixed together in the same timeline.  The export settings are as follows:


      MPEG-2 codec.

      1480X1081i 29.97 FPS.

      Highest quality setting

      16bit/44.1k audio at 448kb (MPEG-1 compression)

      Bitrate 9mb

      video length 3.5min.

      Files size appx 505mb.



      Exact Problem: either video comes out with no audio (Nero video player) or plays in slow motion at half speed with no audio in WMP.


      Using CS4

      Dual Core 3.1gh CPU

      4g Ram.


      Thanks for your time in advance,