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    Adjacent audio tracks


      Hello all.


      When I add an audio track to my project, an empty video track gets added too. Is there a way to stop this from happening? Likewise, is there a way of adding extra video tracks without them being accompanied by empty audio tracks? I'm working on a tiny screen!


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          That's call rippling, Mark. It's so that you can insert clips into the middle of the project.


          But, if you wan to override it, just hold down the Ctrl key as you add your new clips to your timeline.

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            mark_k Level 1

            Thanks Steve,but I think we may be talking at cross-purposes here. When I say adjacent, I mean vertically adjacent, and when I say track, I guess what I really mean is channel. I'd like to be able to have two, three or more audio channels on top of each other in the timeline, but when I right-click in the timeline header it seems I can't specify single audio tracks (channels) to add, I always have to plump for a minimum of one video channel as well.


            No way around this?





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              -Subbi Adobe Employee

              We can add ONLY Audio or ONLY Video tracks. You need to "I think" (i am not sitting on my desk System now) Right click on the left side of the track  name and choose one of the option to add say 1 Video track and 0 Audio track.

              Also, if you do not want the application to display the Audio Tracks , you can just choose the "Hide Audio Tracks" option from the same RightClick menu. (The same goes for hiding Video tracks too)

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                As Editmachine says, the audio and video tracks (other than Soundtrack and Narration) are paired in sets. You can't add audio from one source and video from another to the set audio/video set. But, regardless, you've got up to 99 tracks of each -- so there's no reason to crowd them in!


                Editmachine's suggestion for turning off audio and video tracks as you work is an excellent want to save vertical space.

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                  mark_k Level 1

                  Editmachine, Steve, thanks for the answers. Hiding the video tracks is the way to go.