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    Data design issue with charts

      I am trying to redesign some of our data tables now that we are moving an application over to Flex. Cuurently Flex/Coldfusion runs too slow if it has to deal with our raw data. So I am bouncing around some ideas.

      The Flex application is a dashboard. On the dashboard is a column chart, a pie chart, a data grid, and some text details. The dashboard is currently linked to tables that can range from 2000 - 100,000 records (each table is accessed separately).

      The column chart show aggregate (usually a max. sum during a given time period) data from the tables. The pie chart is a demographic of the users of the data in the column chart. The data grid will show the details (actual line from the tables) of a selected column from the column chart.

      I want the application to run quickly and currently if I have CF crunch the numbers for the charts while the app is loading the process can take up to 3 minutes. By the way the data is flat, not dynamic. So currently I was thinking of creating a table that would hold the aggregate data. Since the data never changes once it happens there is never a need to update it from the application. Each line in that table would represent one column in the column chart.

      In addition to this aggregate data table I would create an intermediate table that would link the PK from the aggragate data table to the PKs of the raw data table. This would them provide a link back to the raw lines needed for the datagrid.

      Does this sound logical?