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    "Import FXG" menu item missing from Flash Builder Beta 2

    JimPlamondon Level 1



      My installation of Flash Builder Beta 2 does not appear to have the "File > Import Flex Project (FXP)" menu item needed to import an FXG file/project, described here.


      I have examined Flash Builder's "Customize Perspective..." options, and none of the  options available appear to have the potential to add this missing menu item.


      I am running Flash Builder Beta 2 (build 253292) on Eclipse 3.4.2 (build M20090211-1700) on Max OS X (version 10.5.8).


      Strange.  I had a similar problem with the non-appearance of the debug icon (now resolved).  Improper installation sequence, perhaps? If so, then presumably other people would be encountering these problems too, yet I can find no other postings of similar problems from others.


      Any help much appreciated.


      Thanks!  :-)


      Jim Plamondon